Rise up!

Governments all over the world generate and store petabytes of data – for citizen access. Inspired by ClimateMirror.org, DataRefuge and many others, we want to change that.

We run the global network storage grid that allows you to contribute to safeguarding humanity's data.

What can I do to help?

Buy stickers!

Support our work and spread the word by buying and applying official Our Data Our Hands Rise Up stickers.

Buy a storage pod

We're not ready to sell these pods just yet, but here's the idea:

  1. Buy a storage pod from us – small computer & HDD, ~$150 – tax deductible
  2. Receive it in the mail, plug it in – no setup
  3. Sit back and contribute to the grid – feel great!

Please join our email list and we'll let you know when they are ready!

Contribute space from your own computer

The operating system that will run on the storage pod will be Docker and infinit based. As a result, our hope is that you will be able to run it in a container on your own computer.

Contribute ideas and code

We'd love to hear your thoughts, we'd love to have you contribute your skills. We're doing all of this in the open on Github, including running the non-profit itself.

Do the social media thing

Follow us, then tell your friends about us too! We're on Github, Twitter and Facebook.